February 2018


The Jake Story: A road trip through Canada | Part 3

After we got passed Alaska and arrived Whitehorse in the morning completely overtired, we brought Jake to the vet clinic. They did the common standard procedure that necessary for bringing a dog into the European Union, including the castration (not me, but the dog) and the rabies vaccination. Everybody who…

Adventure dog sledding: A unique experience

In these days, the annual Yukon Quest takes place. It is the toughest dog sled race in the world and the teams cover a distance of around 1000 miles from Fairbanks in Alaska to Whitehorse in Canada within a few days. When I found and adopted Jake there in 2011,…

The Jake Story: A road trip through Canada | Part 2

After our long road trip with thousands of kilometers, we went to the local animal shelter in order to realize the quite spontaneous idea to adopt a dog. The “Humane Society” in Dawson which was placed outside of the town, looked inconspicuous and a bit down-and-out. We went in and some cats…

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