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Man and dog in vinyard Wuerzburg
Joschka and Jake
  • Jake, year 2011, Husky Corgi mix, born in Dawson in the far north of Canada. Came to Germany, his new home.  Stayed short-legged. Accentuates his blue eyes with Kajal. Loves tasty food, also likes non-tasty food. Essentially much and often. Sleeps much, chills much, cuddles much. Is not dumb, but not praised with intelligence. Because of his body shape great similarity with a bread bin. Curious, loveable, kind. Would get in anyone`s car for a treat. Likes anyone who pets him. In particular children. Strong bond with carpets, blankets and dog sofas.  Profession: crook. Loves the world, loves to travel, loves nature.
Dog in Vineyard Wuerzburg
  • Joschka, year 1991, born in Würzburg in the north of Bavaria. Travelled the world, lived abroad, German resident again. Loves tasty food and coffee. 1,80 meters and 75 kg in the pre-Christmas period. B. Sc. in Psychology. Reads a lot, laughs much, loves to travel. Rural child. Loves bad jokes. Soccer player. Fan of FC St. Pauli. Likes to sport and to write. Strong bond with cozy sofas. Cosmopolitan. Despiser of racism. Secret Helge Schneider groupie. Fan of Dirk Nowitzki. Retired Drummer.

    Portrait of man standing in the woods
    The guy with that dog

Cosmopolidog consists of the words cosmopolitan and dog and describes both dog Jake and me in a good way. In 2011, we got to know each other in a shelter in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Ever since we are on the road and search for new ways, experiences and adventures. A study abroad, travels or trips: we just do it. The world is our home and that is why our journey hopefully is to be continued…

In this blog, we want to share our experiences with you. If you are also interested in topics like daily life with dog, tips and tricks, DIY or dog training, just click around and get inspired. By the way, check out our Instagram account for actual stuff and never miss any exciting news!

We look forward to you!

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